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Craft a shipping strategy as unique as your business

Unlock maximum flexibility with your shipping options at checkout using ShipperHQ’s robust suite of built-in features and deliver on customer expectations.

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New Product Enhancements

Shipping Incentives

Increase your average order value and conversions with dynamic shipping promotions at checkout. Motivate customers to add to their cart with a free shipping minimum and create urgency with a shipping deadline. Available as part of our solution for Shopify Plus.

Enhanced Checkout

Supercharge your checkout

Turn casual browsers into loyal customers with a seamless and personalized buying experience. Empower shoppers with complete control over their delivery and shipping options through an intuitive UI that offers split shipping, mixed fulfillment, date and time slot selectors, and more.*
  • Allow customers to select their preferred delivery or pickup date and time
  • Display exact pickup locations via Google Maps with store hours and contact information
  • Show custom rates and dates for each item in an order based on their shipping origin and group
  • Access rich shipping and packing details after a customer places their order.

*Currently available for enterprise merchants on Adobe Commerce, Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce. Some functionality including split shipping, LTL accessorials, address type selector, and custom carrier fields are not supported on Shopify Plus and BigCommerce at this time.

Enhanced Checkout experience showing split fulfilment with delivery and instore pickup

Shipping Rules

Curate your checkout options for any scenario

Shipping rules allow for maximum control of the rates and options you show in checkout. Easily manipulate live or custom rates or run promotional pricing—all based on the conditions you choose.
  • Set rules based on geographic zones, specific products, price, weight and more
  • Surcharge or discount your live and custom rates
  • Easily offer free shipping based on conditions you choose
  • Set promotions for a specific range of time
  • Restrict shipping options for specific goods or locations
Set shipping rules for checkout

Shipping Insights

Connect your checkout with post-order fulfillment

With increased visibility into shipment data from checkout, you can see how ShipperHQ packed each order to get rates and save time and money replicating this at fulfillment.
Currently available for Adobe Commerce, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce (API only) on the Standard, Advanced and Enterprise plans.
  • Meet the delivery date shown to the customer at checkout with visible dispatch dates
  • Easily accessible shipping details about every order
  • Improve shipping margins with breakdown of carrier, method, packing, and shipping costs including any fees and LTL details.
  • Detailed overview of multi-origin order fulfillment, box information, packaging, and origins for total fulfillment and packing control
Transfer details from shipping at checkout to your post-order fulfillment process

Delivery Date & Time

Total delivery transparency

Customers want to know when their order will arrive, and you want to be confident that you can deliver on the date you display. Have your cake and eat it too with ShipperHQ’s enterprise-grade delivery date and time logic! Convert more carts and deliver a great customer experience.
  • Set blackout dates, holidays, and closures to improve delivery date accuracy
  • Use max times in transit to ensure you only offer options that will deliver in time for perishables
  • Set lead time and cutoff time by shipping origin, carrier, or groups of products
  • Hide redundant shipping options that deliver on the same day
  • Let customers choose future delivery dates & times
    (Available for Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento and Zoey)
  • Delivery date & time capabilities are currently available for use with UPS, TForce Freight (transit days only), USPS, FedEx, Canada Post or with your own custom rates.
Delivery Date & Time shown in the checkout for each shipping method

Dimensional Packing

Get rates that reflect how you actually ship

Automatically determine the best packing configuration for any combination of products in the cart. Combine with custom packing rules and calculate each cart cost-efficiently with no manual intervention.
  • Create packing rules to process specific products or groups differently based on unique conditions that you designate
  • Set different boxes for different carriers and products. Also, utilize USPS Flat Rate packages.
  • Supports multi-package products, as well as, shipping items separately
  • Add box and pallet packing weight and padding, as well as per-box surcharges
Dimensional Packing will automatically pack cart contents based on box sizes you set

ShipperHQ’s dimensional packing feature helped us define exactly how we are packing our oversized and bulky products. Now our rates are much more accurate. We don’t have to worry about under or overcharging customers no matter where we ship, domestically or internationally.

In-Store Pickup

Deliver on convenience

Buy online pickup in store has increased 500% in the past two years!* Don't leave your customer's waiting. Offer them the convenience of local pickup at any of your retail locations or warehouses.
*Source: Digital Commerce 360
  • Display all pick up locations or limit them based on a maximum distance radius from the pickup location
  • Set expectations by displaying when items are available for pickup based on store hours
  • Offer granular control for shoppers by implementing pickup date and time range selection at checkout.
    (Available for Adobe Commerce, Magento & Zoey with Delivery Date & Time Advanced Feature)
  • Take advantage of Google Maps API to display a map of your pickup location with store info at checkout.
    (Available for Adobe Commerce and Magento)
Allow customers to choose a pickup location at checkout

We were very thankful for the opportunity to get in-store pickup up and running so quickly. It allowed us to recover almost a third of our sales. We delighted our customers with the experience and made them very happy.

Multi-Origin Shipping

Automate rating from multiple warehouses

Multi-origin Shipping is essential for those who dropship directly from vendors or who have multiple distribution centers or warehouses from which they ship. Create a set of custom shipping rules that dictate where items ship from, how multiple shipments are handled, and more.
Shipping items in a single order from multiple warehouses
  • Calculate shipping from the nearest warehouse for each product, or analyze all products and consolidate for the fewest number of shipments
  • Assign different carriers for each shipping origin
  • Define service areas, surcharge, discount, or restrict shipping methods based on origin
  • Rate shipments from the origin nearest the customer if products are available from multiple origins
  • Make products available from one or many origins
  • Get rates for shipments from multiple origins and display a sum or separately by origin
    (Available for Adobe Commerce and Magento)

LTL Freight

Move at the speed of small parcel

With instant LTL freight rates at checkout you can streamline shipping processes of heavy, oversized goods, all while keeping shipping margins in check.
  • Support for 30+ LTL carriers and third party logistics providers (3PL), See our full list of carriers
  • Assign freight classes to products or shipping groups to ensure accuracy in rating
  • Automatically pass along accessorial freight charges like liftgate, inside delivery & white glove service.
    (Available for Adobe Commerce, Magento and Zoey)
LTL Freight rates in your checkout

Sales of our heaviest products are up infinitely as we hadn't had a solution to offer LTL shipping to our customers prior to implementing ShipperHQ. We could not be happier with the performance or the ongoing support to help us offer the best shipping rates that we can.

Kevin Comerford
President, Mr. Shrinkwrap

Address Validation

The right fees for the right address type

Residential surcharges and liftgate fees for freight can add up quick. Protect your margins and sales with correct charges for residential and commercial shipments.
Automatically detect the correct address type you are shipping to
Address Validation features works with UPS or FedEx to validate US customers’ addresses. As long as you have a UPS or FedEx account set up in ShipperHQ, Address Validation can be used for any carrier on your ShipperHQ account.

Backup Carrier Rates

Prepare your business to handle outages and never miss a sale

Set up Backup Carrier Rates as an automatic fallback for the rare circumstances of downtime for a live rate carrier.
  • Use an alternative live rate carrier, flat or table rates for your backup rates for a consistent checkout
  • Peace of mind as backup rates activate automatically
Show backup rates when your choice carrier is down

Rate Shopping

Simplify options and return the best rate

Compare rates between two or more shipping methods from two or more different carriers and display only the cheapest method to a customer. Choose the methods you would like to rate shop and merge them into one rate result showing the lowest rate returned. Reduce confusion at checkout and make shipping method selection faster and easier.
Shop for the lowest rate from multiple carriers

Product Page Shipping Calculator

Conquer cart abandonment before checkout

Leverage your existing shipping strategy to return delivery rates and dates tailored to every product, right on the product page.
  • Customizable display so customers can enter their zip code, state, and/or country and see the shipping rates and options for this product right on the product page
  • Works with your existing ShipperHQ configuration for other features like Shipping Rules and Delivery Date & Time to provide custom rates and dates for each product
  • Is themable and translatable to your site using Magento 2’s native translation and theming capabilities
For Adobe Commerce and Magento Only: Calculate shipping directly from the product page

Simplifed Returns

Improve return rates and protect your profits

Cover the cost of returns by enabling Return Shipping—display a duplicate return shipping rate with an added surcharge for each selected shipping method.
  • Tailor return options based on customer groups, products, or cart values to enhance return rates without sacrificing profit.
Available for Advanced and Enterprise plans
Improve return rates and protect your profits
Integrate instantly with

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