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You've got better things to do than source or develop custom shipping solutions for every client. Team up with us and we'll handle that ship for you.

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Partners with benefits

Put the expertise and proficiency of the ShipperHQ team at your fingertips so you can quickly and accurately help clients with their unique shipping strategies.

  • Professional Services

    You’ve got clients and we’ve got solutions—receive strategic consulting, setup, configuration and ongoing support from the industry’s best shipping mechanics.

  • Personalized Training

    We’ll help you and your team become shipping and product experts with custom training and onboarding sessions.

Dedicated Support

Get a dedicated Partner Manager and access to our partner Slack channel.

Easy Launch

We do all the heavy lifting so you can go live faster–and start getting results sooner.

Good for Business

Win new clients with ShipperHQ in your portfolio and maintain margins with exclusive pricing.

Sweet Incentives

Earn gifts and experiences you’ll actually want, like cool swag, catered lunches and VIP outings.

Opportunities too good to pass up

Don’t just take our word for it...

Agencies love ShipperHQ

“A Game Changer in the World of eCommerce Shipping. ShipperHQ’s development team defines the standard for how to provide an amazing level of support. When it comes to any custom shipping requirements - they are the go-to solution for anything shipping related.”

Kevin Eichelberger
CEO, Blue Acorn iCi

“We were able to help Donald Russell add a “delivery date” section within a user’s account to maintain transparency around delivery. But, you need to have the right software (and the right partners) in place in order to be able to do that sort of thing, that level of automation or to be that nimble, to be able to administer delivery dates. Otherwise, you will end up inundated with customer service calls.”

Sarah Willcocks
CEO, Screen Pages

“That’s the value of partners that have built solutions around a particular niche...
they are able to get that up and running really quickly. We didn’t have to think about and figure out how to architect a solution. One was already built,”

Aaron Sheehan
Former Managing Dir. of Ecom., Weidenhammer

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