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Carrier Rules

ShipperHQ allows you to have full control over the shipping options and rates you show in your customer's cart. With the most sophisticated rate calculation engine in the world you can easily discount or surcharge live or custom rates and run promotional pricing. Set rules to show customized rates for specific geographic zones, shipping groups, or a range of dates and display special shipping options based on conditions you choose.

  • Surcharge or discount your live and custom rates
  • Set rules or restrictions based on conditions like geographic zones, specific products, and price, weight or quantity filters
  • Hide specific rates based on conditions you choose
  • Set promotions for a specific range of time
Carrier Rules

Dimensional Shipping

Especially if you’re using live rating directly from a carrier, Dimensional Shipping can help you get the most accurate rates possible in every scenario. Define the packages you use to actually fulfill your orders and we’ll pull your product dimensions right from your eCommerce platform. Then, ShipperHQ's proven dimensional algorithm goes to work putting together on the fly the best package or packages to use for each specific order. For those scenarios where you need finer-grained control, use Dimensional Rules to tell ShipperHQ how you want these scenarios handled.

  • Custom-defined boxes
  • USPS Flat Rate packages
  • Ship certain items separately
  • Multi-package product support
  • Add box packing weight or per-box surcharges
Dimensional Rules

In-Store Pickup

If you have retail locations or a warehouse where customers can pick their order, In-Store Pickup gives you the ability to offer this option to customers. Set one or more Pickup Locations and engage local customers by showing a pickup option only to folks within a certain distance from your locations. Or, give everyone the option to pickup from one of your locations.

  • Multi-Location Support
  • Show Store Hours on Checkout
  • Multi-Address Checkout Support
  • Pickup Time Selection
    (Requires Date & Time Advanced Feature)
  • Pickup Time Ranges by Day
    (Requires Date & Time Advanced Feature)
  • Show a map and store info to your customers
    (Available on select platforms)
In-Store Pickup Rules

Date & Time

For UPS, FedEx, or your own Table Rates carrier, use the Date & Time feature to give your customers more information or more options. On any eCommerce platform, show customers an estimated delivery date or time in transit taking into account real-world information about cutoff times, lead time, maximum time in transit, and more for your products, carriers, and fulfillment centers. Plus, on certain platforms show customers a calendar allowing them to select the date they want to receive their order.

  • Display Time in Transit to customers
  • Display estimated delivery date to customers
  • Display calendar on checkout to allow customers to choose delivery date
  • Set max time in transit across the board or for certain groups of products
  • Set lead time by shipping origin, carrier, or groups of products
Date & Time

Multi Origin & Dropship

If you ship products from multiple locations or dropship directly from vendors, it’s important that your shipping rates take this information into account whether you’re getting rates directly from a carrier or setting your own rates. This feature allows you to setup multiple shipping origins which can then be associated with your products. For products available from multiple locations, you can define service area by Origin, let ShipperHQ choose the closest Origin to your customer automatically, or let ShipperHQ group orders into as few shipments as possible.

  • Map carriers between origins to allow rating via different carriers per origin
  • Get rates for shipments from multiple origins and display a sum or separately by origin
  • Define service areas by Origin
  • Restrict Shipping Methods by Origin
  • Add surcharges or discounts by Origin
  • Products can be made available from one or many origins
  • Rate shipments from the Origin nearest the customer if products are available from multiple origins
Multi Origin & Dropship

Backup Carriers

Define a carrier to take over if one of your live-rate carriers is unavailable for any reason. If you’re using live-rates pulled directly from a carrier, the reality is there may be times when that carrier’s system is down. This might be because of scheduled maintenance or an unscheduled outage. Either way, by setting up a Backup Carrier you’ll ensure that your customers can still see shipping rates and options.

  • Automatically use a backup carrier if your primary carrier is down
  • Set up live rate backup carriers
  • Set up custom backup carriers
Backup Carrier

LTL Freight

If you ship bulky, heavy, or just plain big products or frequently ship very large orders, an LTL Freight carrier is going to be what you need. Whether you have an account in place with a carrier or third-party-logistics provider already or are looking for options, the LTL Freight Carriers Advanced Features gives you the capability to provide your customers live LTL rates.

  • Supported on all eCommerce platforms
  • Supported Carriers and Third Party Logistics Providers include:
    AAA Cooper ABF Freight™ Ascent Freight Averitt Freight Cerasis™ Custom Co Freight Dayton Freight™ DSV Freight Echo® Global Logistics Estes® FedEx Freight® Holland Freight™ KDL NEMF Freight™ Old Dominion® Pitt Ohio Primus ReTrans Freight R+L® Source Alliance Tranzact TST Overland Freight™ UPS® Ground with Freight Pricing UPS Freight® Vitran Express® Canada XPO Logistics® YRC® Freight JTS Freight
LTL Freight

Address Validation

Our Address Validation features works with UPS or FedEx to validate US customers’ addresses. As long as you have a UPS or FedEx account set up in ShipperHQ, Address Validation can be used for any carrier on your ShipperHQ account.

  • Dynamic Address Type Lookup

    The ability to dynamically look up the address type based on the address entered. This will result in charging the correct Residential vs Commercial fees.

    Available for BigCommerce Magento 1 Magento 2 Shopify WooCommerce Zoey
  • Address validation on checkout

    The ability to validate the address entered by your customers in the checkout. This will result in fewer orders being sent to incorrect addresses and reduce charges from carriers for invalid addressing.

    Available for Magento 1 Zoey
  • Google Address Autocomplete

    Uses Google Autocomplete to automatically fill address fields. This will give your customers a "WOW" experience in the checkout.

    Available for Magento 2
Address Validation Address Validation in Checkout only available for Magento 1 Zoey Address AutoComplete Address AutoComplete only available for Magento 2
Landed Cost Engine

Introducing the New ShipperHQ Landed Cost Engine

powered by Hurricane Commerce

Add landed cost pricing (DDP) to your existing international carriers

Grow cross border sales by removing the uncertainty of DDU pricing—with duties and taxes displayed in the cart and checkout

  • Accurate Product Classification
    Ensure accurate classification of goods—even accounting for differences in terminology from country to country.
  • Duties and Tax Estimates
    Eliminate surprises for your customers and improve your conversion rate on international sale. make duties and taxes transparent in the cart and checkout.
Landed Cost Engine

Live Rates & Support for 30+ Carriers

AAA Cooper Freight ABF™ Ascent Global Logistics Australia Post Australia Post eParcel Averitt Freight Canada Post Cerasis™ CustomCo Freight Dayton Freight Deliv DHL DSV Freight Echo® Global Logistics Estes® Experian fastway FedEx® FedEx Freight® FedEx SmartPost® FlavorCloud GSO Holland Freight KDL Loqate NEMF Old Dominion® Pitt Ohio Primus ReTrans Freight R&L® Startrack TST Overland UPS® UPS® Ground with Freight Pricing UPS Access Point™ UPS Freight® UPS SurePost® uShip USPS® Vitran Express (Canada) XPOLogistics® YRC® Freight Zenda, powered by British Airways

Plus, Easily Define Additional Shipping Options

In-Store Pickup
Free Shipping
Flat + Table Rates
Custom Carriers

Supported By Top Platforms

Not all platforms support all ShipperHQ features. Contact us to confirm that the features you need are available on your platform of choice.
ShipperHQ gives you control of the shipping rates shown in your cart and works in tandem with all post purchase shipping solutions such as ShipStation, Ship Easy, Order Cup and more!

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