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Why ShipperHQ

15+ years of global shipping innovation, a proven reputation, and seamless support for checkout optimization

We’re who your carriers trust and your eCommerce platforms look to for shipping support and growth.

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The top 6 reasons why we’re different

We’re your partner for today and tomorrow

We don’t think about shipping problems today, we’ve solved those. We’re focused on where the markets are going tomorrow and the future of the logistics space.

We're global-minded with localized support

With our HQ in Austin, Texas & offices in London & Australia, we’ve got global coverage and a familiar accent on the other side of the phone no matter where you reach out from.

We’re as simple as you want or as complex as you need us to be

We’re set up to power whatever carriers or business logic that makes sense for your business.

We take your data seriously, and keep it to ourselves

Unlike other tech companies, we do not sell any data collected & only store what you want us to.

When you work with our staff, you’re speaking with a logistics expert

We understand the unique shipping challenges businesses face and have strategies to solve them.

We continue to challenge the status quo

We’re product driven and keep our finger on the pulse of the logistics space. Deep dive into our capabilities to see where we’re set apart.

“At our core, we are focused on solving ecommerce merchant shipping challenges and driving innovation within the logistics industry.”

Jo Baker, CEO and Founder of ShipperHQ

Jo Baker, CEO and Founder

Keeping good company

Our Trusted Partnerships

By choosing ShipperHQ you don’t just get access to our platform, you also get access to our highly vetted Partner Marketplace with 50+ Carriers.

See how ShipperHQ can help solve your unique challenges

A team member to walk you through ShipperHQ to evaluate how we can fit your business’s needs.

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Don’t just take our word for it...

What Our Customers Say

Customer Success Story

After implementing ShipperHQ, we saw a 50% reduction in returns and spoilage, saving us more than $10k in the first year.

Jason Nista

CEO of Clean Eatz Kitchen

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