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Create flexible & profitable delivery options at checkout

Build a shipping experience that satisfies customers, reduces margins, and drives profit. ShipperHQ brings the enterprise-level expertise you need to create a shipping strategy that converts.

Customer Success Story

One of our biggest drivers for using ShipperHQ is it’s flexibility. Their platform is easy to install, test and setup in Magento. If we need to make a change to our shipping quickly, it only takes us a few clicks before it can take effect immediately at checkout. Just this experience itself – the amount of time it’s saved us and will save us in the future – makes ShipperHQ worthwhile.

Aynsley Peet

Head of eCommerce at Cox & Cox

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Why ShipperHQ?

Turn shipping into your competitive advantage

Building a custom shipping strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Offer shipping options at checkout that are flexible for your customers and help you save on shipping costs through our powerful tools.

Streamline operations

Connect with powerful data and order details to finetune your picking and packing processes. Plus, improve behind-the-scenes functionality that impacts your online shipping offerings.

Reduce abandoned carts

Be upfront about your post-purchase shipping experience. Breakdown fees, let customers pick a date and time for delivery, and show actual delivery dates, not estimates.

Save time and money

Boost your bottom line by calculating accurate shipping rates across carriers. Embrace automation to make fulfillment smarter, reduce support calls and prevent package redelivery.

Drive revenue

Use shipping as a marketing tool to increase sales through dynamic promotions. Create a shipping setup that helps you stay compliant and returns options that make sense to buyers.

The tools that will make your shipping strategy

A Success

With ShipperHQ, you can optimize your shipping to create the exact checkout experience you want for your customers. Combine any of our powerful features to create solutions that will drive shipping goals unique to your business, industry, and customers.

Delivery Date & Time

Show customers their delivery time based on the shipping method they choose at checkout

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Dimensional Packing

Pack and rate products based on dimensional weight to provide more accurate shipping quotes

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Multi-Origin Shipping

Support complicated fulfillment needs and manage rates from the many locations you ship from

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In-store Pickup

Offer convenience by giving customers the option to pick up their goods in person or curbside

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Shipping Insights

An end-to-end solution that provides easy access to essential shipment information after a customer places their order

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Backup Carrier Rates

Prevent shipping rate disruptions by always having a backup carrier when a carrier API is down

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LTL Freight

Save precious time and provide your customers with automated live LTL rating in your checkout

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Product Page Shipping Calculator

Increase customer confidence by allowing them to calculate their shipping right from the product page

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Create your own Amazon-style checkout

Turn casual browsers into loyal customers by putting them in control of their shipping choices. With ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout, you can offer an Amazon-like buying experience that’s smooth, intuitive and convenient.

Enhanced Checkout

Available for Enterprise Plans!

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  • Show product image and details in the checkout
  • Split shipping from multiple origins
  • Pickup in-store (BOPIS) options for local customers
  • Customer selected shipping rates

When it comes to Adobe Commerce

Here's how it works

ShipperHQ lives in the cart and checkout. We use your business logic to make it simple and easy to show your customers the most compelling shipping options – so you can use your shipping to gain a competitive edge.

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