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See What's Possible with ShipperHQ

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Live Rates

Provide irresistible delivery choices at checkout with live rates & support for 30+ carriers including LTL freight

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Shipping Rules

Easily manage shipping rates and methods, including surcharges and discounts

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Dimensional Packing

Control your margins with our proven dimensional shipping solution

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Delivery Date & Time

Boost customer confidence with trustworthy deliver date and time details, and more

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A Custom Shipping Experience for your Magento Checkout

ShipperHQ gives you powerful tools to customize your shipping and checkout experience, generate more sales and compete with Amazon. Exceed customer expectations with the shipping rates and delivery methods they want.

ShipperHQ is built on the deep expertise gained from serving tens of thousands of retailers worldwide through our WebShopApps extensions. An official Magento Technology Partner since 2011, we are the only rating-focused UPS Ready® provider in the Magento ecosystem.


ShipperHQ SMX

PWA Powered Checkout for Magento 2

  • Amazon-style checkout with split shipping
  • Improved shipping offerings including click & collect, nominated delivery & more
  • Enhanced order and shipping details for merchants
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Future-Focused Approach

ShipperHQ’s powerful, flexible capabilities are backed by an innovative GraphQL Rating API that makes all of the above possible and portable, so you can build your own integration into your backend system.