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Make complicated ship easy with

Enhanced Checkout

Enhanced Checkout empowers you to integrate with headless commerce solutions and PWA themes to offer the fastest and most customizable buying experience possible!

Currently Available for:
Adobe Commerce & Magento
ShipperHQ Enhanced Checkout


the benefits

Unparalleled Control

Set expectations you can deliver on with total control over your shipping strategy and checkout

Superior Experience

Offer your customers the delivery methods, rates, and dates that work best for them

Boosted Sales

Increase cart value by showing the most compelling shipping options for every item

Priority Support

Get direct access to our Enterprise Support team and expert Shipping Technicians

Level Up

Your customers’ checkout experience

ShipperHQ Enhanced Checkout featuring split checkout for confident preorders, date and time for on-time deliveries
Confident Preorders

Prevent customer drop-off and increase cart value by providing separate delivery methods, costs, and dates for pre-ordered and in-stock items in the same cart.

Optimized Split Checkout

Show custom rates and dates for each item in an order based on their shipping origin and group.

On-Time Deliveries

Boost customer confidence with achievable delivery dates for every method — and prevent delays with delivery date logic smart enough for any buying scenario.

Convenient Pickup Options

Offer shoppers the option to conveniently pick up specific items In-Store or Curbside while getting the rest of the order delivered.

Yakima Hops using ShipperHQ's Enhanced Checkout

Customer Success Story

ShipperHQ is an important piece of the puzzle now. It enables full transparency and more options for customers at checkout, and enables YCH to offer a fully automated click-to-ship experience, both on and offline; a necessary component for enhancing our ecommerce platform, logistics services, and delighting our customers.

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Smarter Shipping

Starts Here

Finally, an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to access essential shipping information after a customer places an order.

ShipperHQ Shipping Insights

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