ShipperHQ is a UPS Ready™ Provider

UPS Ready

Find security in working with a company that meets strict UPS standards. Expect top quality customer service, lower costs, and easily take advantage of UPS services.

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How To Get Started

  • Talk to your UPS Representative to see if you qualify for CTP
  • Sign up for a ShipperHQ account
  • Increase customer satisfaction with flexible pickup times and locations

ShipperHQ offers three UPS-only 2-year license options at a substantial discount: ShipperHQ Standard Plan at $2,040 ($85 per month), ShipperHQ Pro Plan at $4,560 ($190 per month), or ShipperHQ Enterprise Plan at a custom, discounted rate. Each plan includes everything included with our equivalent retail plans but supports only UPS services. If you do not have enough CTP funds to cover the full 2-year license, you can make up the difference through direct payment to ShipperHQ. Your UPS Account Representative will help you determine your eligibility for CTP funds and the amount available to you. Please note, the UPS CTP program is available only in the United States. Contact us or your UPS Account Representative for more information.



Covers 2 years at $85/month



Covers 2 years at $190/month


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*All pricing is based on 2 year license

See What's Possible With ShipperHQ

  • Carrier Rules

    Shipping Rules

    Set up shipping rules based on what you sell, where a customer is located and more

  • Dimensional Shipping

    Dimensional Packing

    Automate how boxes are selected for each order for more accurate shipping rates

  • In-Store Pickup

    In-Store Pickup

    Offer convenience by giving customers the option to pick up their goods in person

  • Date & Time

    Delivery Date & Time

    Show clear shipping details at checkout including delivery dates

  • Dropship

    Multi-Origin Shipping

    Rate out of the closest or fewest number of shipping origins to a customer

  • Backup Carrier

    Backup Carriers

    Prevent shipping rate disruptions by always having a backup carrier in place

  • LTL Freight

    LTL Freight

    No longer call around for quotes by providing customers live LTL rates at checkout

  • Address Validation

    Address Validation

    Get charged the correct amount for last mile delivery

Supported UPS™ Services

Small Package Service

UPS™ Domestic and International small package services

Access Points

UPS Access Point™ locations in North America and Europe

LTL Freight

UPS™ LTL Freight & UPS™ Ground with Freight Pricing

Time In Transit

Time in Transit and Delivery Date for UPS™ services

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