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Fast, fresh, achievable pickup & delivery options

Create a customized shipping experience that drives more conversions at checkout, keeps customers happy, deliveries fresh, and prevents costly shipping mistakes.

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65% of shoppers are willing to pay more for expedited deliveries

Customer Experience

Your couriers, your rates, your conditions

Customers expect fast or free shipping and they want to know when their order will arrive.

  • Display expedited shipping and free shipping on select products or destinations
  • Set a maximum time in transit, to account for perishable items, and blackout dates for holidays and closures

After installing ShipperHQ, we are able to provide 100% transparency to our customers as to when they can expect their order to arrive. The day we plugged ShipperHQ into our website, it cut our customer service tickets in half. We were [also] able to cut our abandoned carts in half.

Jason Nista

CEO at Clean Eatz Kitchen

Use shipping rules to return the cheapest rate at checkout

Accuracy & Control

Shipping that matches your real-world operations

Specify shipping conditions, methods, warehouse and locations down to the product level and return the cheapest rates at checkout.

  • Rate from the most efficient location so products stay fresh and your customers’ see the cheapest options
  • Ship products from multiple locations and show one low rate
  • Use shipping rules to hide unnecessarily expensive expedited methods to nearby customers

Shipping fresh or live seafood is very time-sensitive, even more-so during summer when delivery estimates leave no room for error. Using ShipperHQ has meant reduced cart abandonment and dramatically increases the customer’s trust in ordering fresh seafood without compromising taste or quality.

Calendar & Pickup

Deliver on convenience

Offer your customers the control and convenience they crave with superior delivery & in-store pickup options at checkout.

  • Allow customers to select their preferred date and time for delivery and pickup*
  • Display all pickup locations or limit them based on a maximum distance radius
  • Show exact pickup locations via Google Maps with store hours and contact information*

*Delivery date calendar, timeslot selectors, and store map display are exclusively available for Adobe, Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Zoey merchants on select plans.

Dimensional Packing

Rates that account for how you pack

Control packing rules, boxes and box settings so your products stay fresh and get rated accurately.

  • Use box settings to account for added weight and bulk of icepacks and insulation
  • Use packing rules to pack perishables and non-perishables separately
  • Rates based on the dimensional weight of packed shipments no matter whats in the cart

“Shipping chocolates is a challenge during hot Texas summers. Before using ShipperHQ, we had to make all perishables unavailable for purchase on the website... With ShipperHQ the process is so much easier. During summer, we set shipping rules to offer expedited options for products that could melt, and let ShipperHQ determine the best rates to show customers depending on what's in their cart and where it's going!”

Lammes Candies

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