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agnoStack is the premier eCommerce plugin for Zendesk and offers quick access to customer order history.

With agnoStack retailers can interact with orders from their eCommerce platform directly within the Zendesk dashboard, enabling agents to view, edit, refund, re-order, and access real-time shipping and payment status. AgnoStack enables the very best post-purchase experiences providing merchants and agents with the ability to quickly find what their customers need help with.

ShipperHQ merchants can now directly connect their customers' shipment data to agnoStack via Shipping Insights The integration unlocks customer shipment order details and displays those insights directly in Zendesk, including shipment method, costs, packing details, dispatch date, and origin, further enabling a seamless end-to-end customer support solution.

Shipping Insights via agnoStack is available to ShipperHQ merchants on BigCommerce, Shopify, Adobe Commerce and Magento 1 and 2.

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