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Case Study

How cbdMD Saved Thousands with ShipperHQ

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Magento 2
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Address Validation, Dimensional Shipping, In-Store Pickup, Delivery Date & Time, Shipping Groups, Shipping Rules
  • Saved 10-20 hours of development time for shipping exclusions

  • Saved thousands in developer fees by using ShipperHQ

  • Reduced the complexity of website code to scale quicker

  • Helped launch new product amidst changing regulations


The rapidly growing CBD company

cbdMD is a quickly scaling, Charlotte-based company that delivers high quality CBD products directly to their consumers. They needed a shipping partner to support their expanding business, so they chose to partner with ShipperHQ to meet their complex requirements and help navigate the regulatory environment of CBD shipping.

ShipperHQ allows us to have that flexibility while keeping a uniform and streamlined shipping experience for the customer.
Paul Rich
Manager and Sr. Project Manager, cbdMD


Why cbdMD chose ShipperHQ to enhance their shipping options

“We saw a lot of opportunity for us to expand…I don’t think we’d be able to quickly scale and pivot without ShipperHQ.”

cbdMD uses ShipperHQ across their three Magento 2 sites:

Here’s why cbdMD decided to start using ShipperHQ:

  1. ShipperHQ’s features were able to support their immediate shipping challenges, like offering more carrier options, live rates, and customizable shipping rules.
  2. ShipperHQ had a robust and flexible solution, which meant they could adjust their strategy as they grew their business.
  3. They knew ShipperHQ could be flexible with quick changes as new state laws roll in — without delaying their sales process.
  4. As they continued to scale quickly, they were confident with ShipperHQ’s flexibility and support to grow with them.

cbdMD originally implemented ShipperHQ with their wholesale site, where they used our platform to move from offering only Fedex ground table rates to offering more accurate, live rates to their B2B customers

Once they saw how easy ShipperHQ made their B2B shipping services, they decided to implement our platform on their two retail sites, cbdMD and PawCBD.


cbdMD’s main retail challenges

  • Offering different shipping options on orders, instead of only free shipping
  • Establishing shipping rules for delivery zone restrictions
  • Launching their new Delta 9 THC product without delay due to last minute changes in state exclusions


How ShipperHQ’s features solved these challenges

Key features utilized
  • Shipping Groups
  • Shipping Rules
  • Live Rates
  • Additional Carrier Options

When it came time for cbdMD to launch their new Delta 9 THC product, they knew they needed ShipperHQ’s customizable features to ensure flexibility with shipping exclusions and to be quickly adjustable when regulations inevitably change last minute.

Delta 9 THC requires more restrictions when it comes to shipping into specific states. With ShipperHQ, they were able to set up shipping groups and rules for these specific products, as well as create exclusion zones so customers from those banned states wouldn’t even be allowed to put the items in their cart.

Also, with ShipperHQ they didn’t need to spend hours developing the code behind shipping exclusions. Instead, they could set everything up quickly without having to delay the launch of the product.

Shipping Rule Win!

cbdMD offers a 40% US military discount on all their products and with ShipperHQ, they can now set up a specific shipping rule that all orders with APO addresses are automatically shipped via USPS.

“It only took me about two hours to get set up in ShipperHQ. The development hours would have been minimum 10 hours, maximum 20 hours. It's not even just saving the development time, but it's reducing the complexity of the code on our website, which is huge.”

Paul Rich

Manager and Sr. Project Manager, cbdMD

Key Results

The ShipperHQ impact

Before ShipperHQ, cbdMD only had one retail shipping strategy, offered only Fedex table rates, and needed to spend hours developing specific code every time they had to adjust their checkout rules. Once they started using ShipperHQ, they were able to:

  • Offer their wholesale clients live carrier rates for more shipping accuracy
  • Work with more than one carrier, based on their customer feedback
  • Create retail shipping strategies that made more sense for their scaling business
  • Implement shipping groups and rules to remain compliant across state regulations
  • Quickly adjust to new laws around CBD shipping and deliveries, without interrupting sales and profit

Now cbdMD can grow with confidence knowing that they have a shipping partner who can remain flexible as they scale their business, without sacrificing the customer’s online shopping experience.

[I would tell anyone considering ShipperHQ] if they are in a situation where they are looking to grow and expand their business and they want to make sure the tools and software they are using will grow with them, then ShipperHQ is a great solution. Go for it!
Paul Rich
Manager and Sr. Project Manager, cbdMD

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