Now onboarding US parcels to UK and Europe, 4-8 days at postal rates

Now onboarding US parcels to UK and Europe

ShipperHQ has partnered with Zenda to help retailers expand door-to-door international shipping.

Zenda is a cross-border shipping platform that takes care of the complexities of international shipping such as real-time duties and tax calculation, customs declarations, DDP delivery, and fully transparent shipment tracking.

Improve your international shipping experience today! Find out if Zenda is right for you.

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What is Zenda?

Zenda is a new warehouse-to-door logistics platform built for international ecommerce. Powered by British Airways, Zenda gives shippers more international shipping options and consumers a hassle-free experience.

How does Zenda work?

Once an online order is picked and packed, goods travel from the warehouse to the airport via a parcel courier. Packages are then flown overnight via airfreight to the destination country where they are delivered to the customer’s doorstep by a national or regional parcel delivery agent.

What services are included with Zenda?

Customers receive pickup and delivery services with full door-to-door tracking, automated landed cost calculation, and DDP delivery (pre-paid duties and taxes) to ensure a smooth delivery process.

How is Zenda different from postal and express services?

Zenda not only delivers international packages in four to eight days with full tracking, but offers prices at or near Postal prices.

Where does Zenda fly packages from?

Powered by British Airways, Zenda flies packages from the United States to Europe on over 80 flights daily from 20 major domestic airports.

How does Zenda help with customs clearance, duties, and taxes?

Zenda offers delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping, where duties and taxes are calculated in advance to eliminate any unexpected fees, delays, and general customer frustration during delivery. Zenda’s customs declaration engine also helps customers save time on filling out customs paperwork.